Why Choose Us
Based in Macarthur region south-west of Sydney, Learn and Drive Driving School is second to none as a driving school that has been guiding trainees to crack their driving tests in one go every year. It is this consistent success that has made us such a sought-after and acclaimed driving school. Ever since we started our endeavour, the success of our trainees in passing their driving test has been our first and foremost objective. Our motto has been to make sure that they manage to get their much-awaited driving licence in a hassle-free way.
Our instructors are among the best and friendliest
All our driving instructors are not only among the best and most qualified, but they are also the friendliest. They will customise the driving lessons so that the trainees are at ease, learning the lessons throughout the tenure of training.

They would go beyond their ways to impart confidence to the nervous starters, ensuring these trainees run high on confidence on the day of the test.

Our lessons are the most comprehensive ones
If our instructors are one side of our coin of success, our driving curriculum is the other side. We know that a driving school is as good as its driving lessons. Thus, when it comes to structuring the driving lessons, we have made sure they entail everything, from every driving technicality to knowledge about the components of the car and their respective functionality.

Most importantly, all our lessons come at a pretty formidable price, despite being the best!

Safety has been our top priority
Safety and security have always been at the top of our priority list. Hence, all our training vehicles are impeccably maintained to ensure that they are in ‘pink health and glory’ at any given point in time.

If all these are not reasons enough to choose us, what else will?

Call us at the earliest to talk to our experts and opt for the lesson of your choice. Or you can choose the lesson of your choice online and write to us for further details.