What can I expect during my first driving lesson with you?

As a leading driving school, we intend to make you a better version of yourself behind the wheel. So when it comes to what you can expect from your first driving lesson with us, it can be anything, from the controls of a vehicle to basic driving manoeuvres such as starting, stopping, and steering. In fact, there are many more things that you can learn from us based on your request. So, as you learn and grow, we take you to the advanced levels of driving.

Do I specifically need to consider anything if I get nervous or anxious about driving?

You simply don’t need to consider anything if you are nervous or anxious behind the wheel when you are with one of our driving instructors. They will keep you in a patient, comfortable, and supportive environment to help you calm down, especially when you are driving. They will also make use of certain teaching methods in order to perfectly suit your unique needs and preferences.

Can you prepare me for my driving test?

Our driving lessons primarily aim to prepare you for your driving test. So, if you want to generate confidence in yourself and get perfectly ready for the test, our driving instructors are your ideal companion. We will first analyse you and your needs and, accordingly, plan everything for your preparation, including the mock tests, where you will get a real-life experience of the real driving test.

Can I use my own vehicle for driving lessons?

Yes, you can definitely use your own vehicle for our driving lessons. But this has certain industrial conditions: the car should be roadworthy, insured, and equipped with dual controls. This will ensure your own safety behind the wheel, especially because you are a rookie.

Do you have any age restrictions for driving lessons?

No, we don’t have any age restrictions for driving lessons. But if you are too young and want to learn how to drive, you should come with parental consent in order to confirm your enrollment.

Can I get defensive driving lessons from you?

Yes, our driving instructor can provide you with defensive driving lessons. These driving lessons can undoubtedly help you stay away from accidents on the road. Undergoing these lessons can help you learn certain skills and techniques, which you can use to keep yourself perfectly safe while driving by proactively responding to potential hazards on the road. They can also help you make quick and wise decisions.

Can I request a driving instructor based on my preference for my driving lessons?

Yes, you can surely choose a driving instructor from our hub for your driving lessons. Since your comfort is our top priority, we give all our learner drivers the liberty to request an instructor based on their preferences.