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The Most Reputable Driving School in Camden

Getting started with your car is never a difficult task if you start taking your lessons from a well-known training centre. If you are searching for one, we welcome you to Learn and Drive Driving School, the leading driving school in Camden, also serving other suburbs. So, if you are from this region and want to drive, now is the time to get in touch with us. We provide various types of training. To get an overview of the same, go through this page. But if you want to know more in detail, visit the particular page from the menu section.

We have some of the best driving trainers at our Camden school. They have years of experience in teaching beginners as well as seniors and those who require a refresher course. So, rest assured that learning to drive from them will be a breeze.

What will You Learn at Our Camden Driving School?

At our Camden driving school, we offer a wide range of lessons. You can choose the one that you like. However, if you want consultancy regarding the one that will be the right one for you, talk to our professionals today.

Driving Lessons

These are mostly beginner driving lessons where our trainers will educate you on basic car operations and how to manoeuvre the vehicle efficiently. Besides, you will learn the road rules, avoiding accidents, etc.

Driving Test & Preparation

This type of training is also for beginners planning to appear for the driving test. Here, our instructors will prepare you for the test through practical and theoretical lessons. In addition, they will conduct mock tests to help develop skills with which you can easily pass the test.

Learner & Logbook Training

Our instructors will teach you how you can record your driving progress in the logbook. They will show you the methods of adding and updating your records correctly.

Express Test Preparation

This is also a course that includes driving test preparation. The only difference is that it is more detailed. This course will fully prepare you for the test and help develop your core driving skills faster.

Overseas Licence Conversion

If you are new to Australia and already have a licence from your home country, you can convert it to an Australian licence by opting for this service.

Refresher / Senior Driving Program

If you are a senior or need a refresher driving course, you should choose this one. Our professional instructors will guide you stepwise and help develop your driving skills again.

USPs of Our Driving Training Centre

Choose Learn and Drive Driving School as your driving training centre since:
  • We provide a wide array of driving lessons to meet our students’ needs
  • We have highly trained and experienced instructors at our disposal
  • We provide various driving packages for the convenience of our clients
Do you have more questions? Follow our FAQs below:


How to join your driving school?
To join our driving school, just give us a call or send us an email with a request, and we will get in touch with you.
Are your driving instructors friendly?
Yes, our driving instructors are friendly and will provide you with the answers to all the necessary queries.

Contact Us or Book a Session
To book a driving session at our school, call us now. Or, click the Contact Us button and fill out the form if you have more queries. To book a specific training, click the Book Now button and choose a lesson.